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Molecular Biology service
Custom plasmid construct making and cloning into pUC19 or custom primers. Sequencing included. Gene cloning from natural cDNA/gDNA or synthetic DNA is also possible. Expression constructs for variuos organisms are also contenplated.

Gene Cloning/Synthesis


Gene cloning from natural sources or gene synthesis on request.

Recombinant Protein production

Custom Recombinant Protein production in custom expression hosts. Default organisms: bacteria and/or yeasts. Four weeks production line if the gene of interest is provided. Protein is released with MTA with Aarhus University and for intended for research only usage.
From 1 to 10 mg for the basic price as test runner experiment. Minimum amount of protein shipped is 2 mg. Wish for solubility is default. SDS-PAGE for purity is provided. Extra service : a) endotoxin removal (bacteria); b) MS-based peptide mapping; c) tag removal. Please enquire at for shipping and extra price info.

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